#Green Coast: 5 reasons to go to Paradise Land - sea and adventure

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In the spring of this year, I wrote about Paradise Land Adventure Park, being the first seaside adventure park. Meanwhile, it has opened, has increased compared to winter estimates, and is now being assaulted by tourists on the coast.

Between June 24-26, during the #litoralulverde infotrip organized by ANAT, I visited this amusement park. After the visit, we were very pleased with this "playground" and we found 5 reasons why we want to go:

1. Because the coast is not just the sea and the sun. We need entertainment and leisure services. Beach in the morning, and then fun. Guided by the slogan "sea & adventure", Paradis Land is the perfect place to spend your free time surrounded by nature.

2. Because in Paradis Land you will find 11 progressive difficulty routes, divided by difficulty level and age group. Each route is symbolized by a specific color to be easily recognized by the participants.


3. At Paradis Land you can organize children's parties. Let's PARTY - KID'S PARTY! PARADIS Land proposes you to spend 3 hours outdoors, with movement, the practice of practical skills, children's skills and much ADVENTURE, in addition to the festive table, the cake and much pleasure.

4. In the Paradis Land park you can practice other activities. They are designed by the Paradis Land team and combine sport, education and relaxation.

The area for small children who cannot access the park
Climbing panel - 4 trails
Leagan from ropes (original objects)
Swings for young and very young children
Wooden houses

5. You can go for a drink or have a coffee or relax at the Paradis Land bar, while friends practice different sports. The consumption is paid, as well as the entry on the routes or practicing sports activities. The view is free :).

And some pictures inside the park!

Paradis Land Adventure Park - #litoralulverde

Posted by Sorin Rusi on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

(Videos and photos taken with ASUS Zenfone 2)

More information can be found on the Paradis Land website!

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