5 ways to back up your vacation data

I am a technical person, who write and talk about technology in our lives. Even when traveling, we use a lot of technology. And the backup is heavenly for all those who work with sensitive documents, photos and videos, with all kinds of useful information in travel and in daily activities.

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During the summer holidays, we travel to different attractive destinations and we want to remember these experiences in the cold winter months. Although there are countless ways to back up documents, most people ignore this important activity and choose to rely on the fact that what they have photographed will be forever.

How to solve this easy task as quickly as possible and without a complicated configuration? Save your photos and digital memories on various storage devices for their safety.

5 ways to back up

1. Camera and two SD cards

Professional and semi-professional devices offer the possibility to use two cards for storage. You can set either JPG on one card and RAW on the second or RAW on both cards. In this case, the second card can be left in the room and even if the first card is lost or damaged, the photos remain.

We advise you to have roomy cards with you, so that you can write quickly. One of our recommendations is the memory card ADATA Premier One SDXC 64GB UHS-II U3 class 10 V90 290MB / s (support AirlinesTravel by purchasing affiliate links).

2. Notebook

If the first option seems too complicated for you, it may be enough to keep the photos on the card and save them on your laptop. Thus, it is possible to edit and send photos immediately, without compromising the data on the original SD card.

This solution is based on the scenario in which you have a card and notebook with enough storage space. Most laptops today use the M.2 standard and for extension you just have to connect the software to a backup of the system, and the data can be transferred to a new drive.

Of course, the laptop should be equipped with an SSD for working speed and better data protection. Consider the model ADATA SX8200, 240GB, M.2.

3. External hard disk

If you do not have enough space in your laptop to store as many pictures as possible, and the SD card in the camera becomes unusable, you should consider a third option.

In this case, it is ideal to save photos from the card to the computer, but also to an external hard drive. The new units have a small portable shape and capacity of up to 5TB, which is really enough for large photos.

I use an external hard drive of the type ADATA HD710-1T (for travel) and an external hard drive LaCie Porsche Design P9227, 4TB (general backup). Consider the model ADATA Durable HD330 1TB.

4. External SSD

The storage capacity matters a lot to an external hard disk and solves the problem almost anywhere, but it also counts on the transfer speed. Sometimes it can be time-consuming and copying tens of GB of data can take tens of minutes and even hours.

In addition, the mechanical disks are quite large and, despite all the protection systems, there is still the danger of losing data.

There is an alternative to external hard drives on trays. A fast, compact SSD drive with transfer speeds up to 550MB / s is the ideal solution. It is a more expensive solution, but also more secure compared to the classic external hard drives.

A minus on external SSDs is lower storage capacity, obviously at a reasonable price. Take the model as an example External SSD 512GB ADATA SD700.

5. Combination between the above options

Data saved in multiple locations is the best backup solution. Each drive may fail, each SD card may be lost, and any laptop may be infected with viruses or malware.

Having data on a laptop, external drive and SD card is the best solution for data security. We recommend that you use at least two of the three places where your data is stored.

Cu low prices for storage solutions we have access to it during this time, the backup is very accessible and will help you keep the pleasant memories always close.

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