50 years of Airbus - 50 years of innovation in aviation (video)

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This year, Airbus celebrates 50 years since its inception. They are 50 Airbus years full of innovation in aviation. Airbus does not just mean commercial aircraft, but also military aircraft, satellites, aeronautical technology.

The Airbus story debuted on 29 May 1969, at the Paris Air Show. French Transport Minister Jean Chamant and German Economy Minister Karl Schiller have signed an agreement for the development of the A300 aircraft. It would be the first widebody with 2 engines in the world, dedicated to medium distance flights.

50 years of Airbus

Airbus launched an anniversary campaign of the 50th anniversary of its establishment, bringing to the public's attention 5 decades of innovation in aviation. Between May 29 and July 17, 2019, Airbus will publish a daily story about people and aeronautical development.

There will be 50 stories with and about commercial aircraft, military aircraft, helicopters, satellites, defense instruments and more in the Airbus portfolio.

50 years of innovation in aviation

To mark the 50 years, Airbus organized today (29 May 2019), around 12: 00, a flight in formation in which 6 aircraft and Patrouille de France participated. Participating aircraft: A220-300 C-FFDO; A319neo D-LAW; A330-900 F-WTTN; A350-1000 F-WMIL; A380-800 F-WWOW and BelugaXL F-WBXS.

And Airbus certainly won't stop here. Will continue to develop new commercial and military aircraft. It will seek solutions for environmentally friendly aircraft and for reducing emissions in the aeronautical industry. And if the flying cars appear, they will probably be developed by Airbus :).

Happy Birthday!

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