55 injured, one tonne of fuel leaked from tanks and crew survey #U6178

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On the morning of August 15, 2019, aircraft Airbus A321-200 URAL Airlines (VQ-BOZ) landed in an emergency in a corn lane. The plane took off from Moscow, with the destination Simferopol Airport. He operated the flight #U6178 and had 233 persons on board (226 passengers and 7 crew members).

Immediately after taking off from Zhukovsky International Airport - Moscow, the aircraft intersected with a flock of birds, some of them hitting both engines. Following the bird strike incident, both engines of the aircraft failed. The pilots were forced to stop and make an emergency landing.

55 people were injured following the accident in Russia

Initially, 23 was reported by injured persons, of which 10 needed specialized care and were transported to the hospital. But new survey information shows that 55 were injured, including 17 children. 6 of the injured were taken to hospitals in the region.

The investigation also revealed that about a tonne of fuel had leaked from the aircraft's tanks. It took off with 16 tons of fuel in tanks, of which it consumed about 500 liters. After the emergency landing and following the damage suffered by the plane, approximately one tonne of fuel would have leaked from the tanks. Good thing there wasn't a fire, which would have led to a tragedy.

Investigators recovered the aircraft's black boxes and are to be analyzed. The IAC (Interstate Aviation Committee) announced that they were not damaged as a result of the accident.

Another interesting news comes from Ural Airlines. Company representatives announced that the crew involved in the August 15 incident was suspended from flying throughout the incident investigation. It seems to be a classic, normal procedure in such situations. But there is also an investigation directly targeting the crew members, and this refers to how the aircraft was evacuated. There are suspicions that the evacuation procedures were not followed.

Importantly, the incident did not result in the loss of human lives. The pilots were praised by a Russian army general. If there is The miracle on the Hudson River, now there is the miracle of the corn chain.

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