6 years by AirlinesTravel.ro and 1.3 millions of unique readers

On 25 March 2018, we unfolded the champagne for 6 years by AirlinesTravel.ro. 6 years ago, fixed at this time, AirlinesTravel.ro officially took off on the internet.

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I have a beer and I am running the 6 years by AirlinesTravel.ro. On 25 March, but 6 years ago, I officially launched this site. This date is not random. On 25 March 2012, the aviation switched to summer time. And today, 25 March 2018, the aviation goes to summer time.

6 years by AirlinesTravel.ro

It all started with a passion for airplanes and flights, for travel and technology. At the same time, I wanted to bring the information from these areas to a click away. Encourage people to travel, fly, discover the world.

Above the clouds

Today, after 6 years of project, I draw a line and analyze the figures: 4200 of published articles; 1.3 million unique readers, 2.9 million impressions. The community Airlines Travel on facebook, those who are passionate about airplanes, flights and travel has surpassed 20 000 fans. Do we deserve a like? :)

1.3 million unique readers

I spent thousands of hours searching and publishing the most interesting and useful news and editorials. I spent hundreds of hours flying through airports and keeping an eye on airplanes. Driven by the passion for travel, I arrived at dozens of airports and destinations in Europe, the Middle East and very little in the Asian area. And I'm definitely not stopping here.

Airbus A350-XWB-face-to-face

I remember with emotion the first article published on AirlinesTravel.ro - Airbus delivers 5000 aircraft from the A320 family (video). I remember with great joy the visit made to Airbus factory in Toulouse, where I was surprised to see an Airbus A350 in all its splendor. And in 2017 I had the joy of flying aboard an Airbus A350-900 Lufthansa. I will not forget the trips from Spania, Portugal, Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Greece, England and many, many more.


AirlinesTravel.ro has been a media partner and has supported dozens of conferences and events dedicated to tourism and aviation. We have a tradition of being media partners at BIAS and we will probably continue to BIAS NOTHING.

I thank the partners and collaborators for joining us and trusting me, my team and AirlinesTravel.ro (one of the few online aviation and travel publications in Romania). And I would like to mention here some of our dear partners!


Airlines and aircraft manufacturers: Airbus; Blue Air; Carpatair Wizz Air; Lufthansa; British Airways KLM; TAROM; TAP Air Portugal; Ryanair.
Travel agencies: Paradise Dream Vacations; Tramp Travel; Icar Tours; Happy Tour; Prestige Tours; Bavaria Tour; Luxury holidays.
Hotels and pensions: Hotel Unirea - IAŞI; Iara Pension - Danube Delta; Hotel Cumpătu - SINAIA; Vila Camelia - SINAIA; Villa Laura - Busteni; Medieval House - Bran.
Technology and tech travel: ASUS; Romoss; Canon.

Sorin was with ASUS UX305

However, everything was possible thanks to those who read and discover AirlinesTravel.ro daily. We have received many messages of encouragement, thanks and praise for the effort we have made in developing this site. These messages gave us the power to continue. Thank you, dear!

Lufthansa Airbus A350-Budapest

I also thank my friends, but especially the boy with the smart fingers - Cristian and the friend from the technician - Marian, who have been part of this project since the publication of the first article. Guys, keep in touch! Anca, Oana, Teodora, I haven't forgotten you either. You have contributed with love and passion to the development of AirlinesTravel.ro and thank you. You also have a merit for what this project is today.

Oana in search of souvenirs

And last but not least, I want to thank my wife for supporting me and encouraging me to develop the AirlinesTravel.ro site. I love you!

I am grateful to those who have criticized us, ignored, maybe even sworn, but this has led us to be even more ambitious and to continue developing the AirlinesTravel.ro site. And we don't stop here. We continue!

Below you have some articles and pages with great success in AirlinesTravel.ro. They garnered tens and even hundreds of thousands of views. I think I did something right :)…

Top 10 articles on Airlines Travel


Top 10 pages on Airlines Travel

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A few months ago, I started a special project with and about people in aviation. I invite you to read the interviews! You will discover beautiful and motivational stories. We will continue the series of interviews with many other people in aviation, so keep an eye on us.

Thank you! We invite you to follow us and read on AirlinesTravel.ro, FacebookInstagram YouTube! If you like what you read on AirlinesTravel.ro, click on articles, banners, likes, charts.

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