6 key moments in KLM history

6 key moments in KLM history (photo / video)

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The first flight, the first steward, the first jet, the first passenger, there is a beginning for everyone. Things we are familiar with and happen on a daily basis have had a beginning. Below you have 6 key moments from KLM history via KLM blog!

1. The first KLM flight

KLM operated the first flight in its history on 17 rather than 1920. Jerry Shaw flew a De Haviland DH-16 (registered G-EALU) chartered aircraft and flew from London to Amsterdam. He carried two journalists and newspapers. In 1920, KLM transported 440 of passengers and 22 of tonnes of cargo.

2. The first Dutch passenger transported by KLM


In 1920, after operating the first flight from 17 in May, the return flight from Schiphol, Amsterdam to London also followed. On board the aircraft were freight, newspapers, but also two journalists, one of them being of Dutch origin, MJ van den Biggelaar, this being the first Dutch passenger transported by KLM.

3. First flight attendant and first stewardess at KLM

In 1935, KLM introduced the steward position. The first escort attendant (hofmeester in Dutch) was Theo Boyeng. With extensive experience in hospitality and shipping, Boyeng applied for the steward position at KLM in 1935. He was one of the 3 companions employed in the 1935, along with four stewards.


The first stewardess (air hostesses - the name used at the time) employed by KLM was Nel de Vrieze.

4. The first transatlantic flight operated by KLM


On 15 December 1934, a special flight took off from Schiphol. Ten minutes after midnight, a PH-SIA Fokker F-XVIII Snip aircraft took off with a crew of four. The final destination was Aruba, Central America. To get there, the aircraft had to cross the Atlantic Ocean. This was the first transatlantic flight operated by KLM, opening transatlantic service for the Dutch colonies in the "West".

5. First Jet from the KLM fleet


Jet aircraft (Jet) is an aircraft powered by jet engines. The first Jet in the KLM fleet was a DC-8. It could carry much more passengers and larger quantities of cargo, and the flight time was half as compared to the performance of DC-7 or Super Constellation aircraft. The first DC-8 landed at Schiphol in 1959 and was introduced on the Amsterdam - New York route in 1960.

6. The first Wide-Body aircraft in the KLM fleet


Shortly after the new Schiphol airport opened in 1967, KLM decided to buy a Boeing 747. At 31 January 1971, KLM received the first wide-body aircraft in the fleet. The B747 aircraft was registered PH-BUA and christened "Mississippi". The aircraft could carry up to 353 passengers, and for KLM it was a huge leap

On 7 October 2014, KLM has been celebrating 95 for years. It is one of the few airlines in the world with the same name since its establishment until now. KLM comes from Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV

For me, KLM means the first airline I flew with outside of Romania.

(Photo cover: planepictures.net)

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