60 flights were canceled in Munich because of environmental activists!

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"The airport is closed for security reasons as environmental activists have stuck to the taxiways", said a spokesman for Munich Airport. It is about the group Last Generation, which has also organized other protests of this kind in Germany.

Airport officials initially said that all flights from the airport would be canceled or diverted, but police intervened and managed to remove the activists who were on the runways. Eight people were arrested.

After the intervention of the authorities, a representative of the airport said that one of the two affected runways is now open, but air traffic will be affected and delays are expected. About 60 flights have been canceled and 11 diverted so far. 

According to the activists' statements, their aim was to block at least one of the two runways, and the reason is related to their opposition to the subsidies that the German state gives to the aviation industry, writes

The protest, which took place at the start of the Whitsun holiday, a peak travel period in Germany, affected around 60 flights and led to the diversion of 11 others.

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