7 tips for a comfortable flight over long and very long distances

It is no longer a secret that the plane is the safest means of transport. At this moment, the aeronautical industry is growing rapidly. Billions of passengers choose the plane every year. We come to your support and offer you some tips for a comfortable flight.

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We choose to fly by plane over short, medium and long distances, depending on the needs of each one. Sometimes, the plane is much faster and cheaper to cover a distance between 2 destinations compared to the ground services (car, bus, train). When it comes to flights across the seas and oceans, the aircraft gains secondment.

Personally, we only had short and medium flights to Europe and the surrounding area. We have not yet crossed the threshold of approximately 4 non-stop flying hours to Madrid. On such distances, not much preparation is needed. As a rule, I chose a comfortable dress and, in most cases, I took a seat at the window. Being passionate about airplanes, I like to admire everything that happens around, on the ground and in the air.

But for longer flights, you certainly need to consider some tips offered by those familiar with the long-haul. Currently, the longest flight by plane is operated by Qatar Airways on the Auckland International Airport (AKL) - Doha International Airport (DOH) route. The distance of 14526 kilometers is traveled nonstop in approximately 17 hours and 30 minutes.

That means staying almost 18 hours on the plane. Good! How to enjoy such a flight and not look like an eternity? We invite you to read the list of tips below.

Choosing the long-haul flight

If you want to fly from Romania to a destination in America, Africa, Australia or Asia, you will definitely choose one of the airlines with strong links to those destinations. Thus, you can choose your European transit hub, check the scale and opt for the aircraft model.

The type of plane matters a lot: unlike the Boeing 777, the Airbus A380 is much quieter and the flight is smoother. New generations of aircraft have come with many improvements in cabin humidity, noise level, pressurization and lighting. From this point of view, the A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner models are recommended.

Beware of flying hours: night trips are good only if you know you will be able to sleep well, otherwise you will be very tired.

Example: You have to fly Bucharest - New York. There are many airlines that connect different European cities with New York. You can opt for Air France flights on the route Bucharest - Paris - New York, the flight over the Atlantic being scheduled with Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777 or Airbus A380. Or you can choose KLM and fly across the Atlantic with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Sometimes a few EURO savings can lead to a less enjoyable flight. For these reasons, we recommend that you study in detail the choice of flight according to your needs.

Choose places…

You have chosen the flights according to the available times, you have studied the planes. You have to choose your place. Check the cabin configuration thoroughly. There are situations where the Economy Class has 3-4-3 configuration, which complicates the situation if you are in the middle and want to exit the aisle. Take a look at sites like SeatGuru or Routehappy to see where it is best to stay.

Airbus A330 - economical interior

Why is it important to have a corridor exit? Because it is advisable to do a lot of movement, not just go to the toilet.

And a simple tip. Think twice before refusing a seat back. You may have a higher chance of enjoying a place next to yours.

Choose the right dress

Dress comfortably and it would be nice to have something thicker for you too, if there are variations in temperature. The aircraft undergoes controlled pressurization, which causes the temperature on board to sometimes fall below 20 degrees.

What does proper clothing mean? Certainly no nail heels and all kinds of useless accessories. A lightweight trousers (jeans or something else) + a t-shirt, shirt or blouse, a dress and some comfortable shoes, preferably without too high heels.

In addition to the lightness they offer on the fly, a sportswear can save your life in emergencies. You can run, move better, be more cooperative in the event of aviation incidents.

Get comfortable on the plane

Once you board, try to get your feet up and make yourself comfortable. It is very important to feel free, not crowded.

Change the time on the phone or the clock to match the time at the destination. So, try to cheat a little to avoid the big time difference.


Take care of the environment. If you don't like the smell of the plane, give it a little scent on a scarf or blanket. Wear earphones or ear plugs so you can ignore the surrounding noise.

Food and hydration in the plane

Another important aspect for long flights is the catering service. You need to eat and hydrate! It is known that in the plane we dehydrate faster, which we have to make up for with drinking liquids.

At the same time, you have to feed yourself. Even though maybe the food on the plane is not the best, you shouldn't get hungry. In addition, it is a good way to make time pass faster.

It is good to analyze the menu offers and order in advance. On board the plane, you will be served among the first and you will enjoy the ordered ones.

It is important to eat, but avoid consuming very salty foods. By the way, don't drink too much alcohol. Salt and alcohol lead to dehydration of the body, and our advice is to avoid this phenomenon.

Fun on board

You chose the flight, you wanted to be the plane you like, made yourself comfortable and enjoyed the menus served on board. What's left for the time to pass faster? Fun!

Airlines offer various entertainment packages on long-haul flights. More recently, many companies also offer Wi-Fi. Some at astronomical prices, others at low prices or Free. The tariff classes are also taken into account.

activity in the plane

In addition to the program offered by the company, it does not hurt to make your own entertainment compilation. Maybe you have a favorite show to watch, or you might want to listen to a certain kind of music. Very good! Take an iPad, tablet, or even laptop on board with the multimedia information you want. It would not be wrong to take 1-2 reading books as well. Or maybe you even have work and then you do other activities. Time will pass much faster!

Other information for a pleasant flight

If you know you have problems with blood pressure or other respiratory conditions, if you are prone to various diseases, etc., we recommend that you consult a doctor and take a little treatment for flight. Not everyone supports flights, not everyone is attracted to airplanes…

Last but not least, you should choose a company that has a full-service lounge on arrival, so you can have a coffee and take a shower, if you are getting ready for a date and have no patience until at the hotel.

There are airports where you can consult a dentist or rest in specially arranged places. If you are a bit more active, you can even play golf. See the list of those 15 less known information about airports!

An article written and adapted by Oana Cristiana Groza!

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