Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will return in flight by December 2019

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According to an FAA official, Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will return in flight by December 2019. There is no exact date, but officials from the Federal Aviation Administration are very optimistic.

Ali Bahrami, an FAA officer on the aviation security side, said the FAA is under great pressure in the 737 MAX case. But when it comes to aviation safety, everything needs to be done as well as possible.

He says it takes time to recertify the 737 MAX, which has undergone design changes and software updates. Plus test flights and pilot training. All of this takes time.

Boeing 737 MAX will return in flight by the end of the year.

Boeing officials, as well as the authorities directly involved in this case, hope to bring 737 MAX back in flight by the end of the year. During this time, Boeing reduced the monthly production rate to 42 of 737 MAX aircraft. Initially, Boeing was manufacturing 52 monthly MAXs and was hoping to grow to 57.

While all hope, the airlines that own the 737 MAX accumulate losses. Thousands of flights have been canceled and will be canceled. Some analysts say the losses would be 1.4 billion.

American Airlines canceled its flights with 737 MAX until September 3. While other airline operators canceled flights until the end of August. If the above information is true, we will definitely see an update in flight schedules.

We remind you that the 737 MAX planes were recorded on the ground after 2 aviation accidents, in which airplanes from this family were involved. Due to the 2 accidents, 346 people lost their lives.

Ethiopian Airlines (ET-AVJ) Boeing 737 MAX 8 MAX crashed shortly after takeoff. The plane operated the flight ET302, on the route Adis Ababa - Nairobi.

But the first Boeing 737 MAX crashed in the fall of 2018. A Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air crashed into the sea, shortly after takeoff. Operate flight JT610.

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