Express line 782, on the route Mall Baneasa - Otopeni Airport

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From 1 January 2019, ETC. (Bucharest Transport Company), the former RATB (Autonomous Transport Authority of Bucharest), has launched the 782 express line. It connects the Baneasa Shopping Complex (Baneasa Mall) to the Henri Coandă Otopeni Airport, Bucharest.

The new 782 express line has the following route: Baneasa Shopping Complex, Otopeni City Hall, Otopeni Departures Airport, Otopeni Arrivals Airport.

Schedule 782 express line


The price of a trip is 3.5 lei, as with all STB express lines. There are also to Otopeni Airport: 783 express line and 780 express line.

At the Baneasa Commercial Complex it is the end of several STB lines, thus generating a better connection with the rest of Bucharest. But it remains to be seen how much the 782 express line is justified.

And if you still want a better connection between the key points in Bucharest and Otopeni Airport, we would really appreciate if the buses were modified for these express lines. Luggage storage areas should be provided.

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