787 Dreamliner Virgin Atlantic, 1298 record speed of km / h (801 mph)

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Yes, you read that right in the title. A Boeing 787 Dremaliner reached a speed of 1298 km / h, ground speed. The aircraft operated flight VS8 Virgin Atlantic, on the route Los Angeles - London.

And yet, the aircraft did not exceed the speed of sound as we might think. Normally, the aircraft flew at an average speed of 900 km / h, plus the speed of airflow. The aircraft took a 372 km / h Jet Stream.

Record speed for 787 Dreamliner Virgin Atlantic

According to the specialized sites that monitor real-time flights, the aircraft reached its destination with 48 minutes compared to the scheduled time.

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The Boeing 787 Virgin Atlantic aircraft set a speed record for Dreamliner aircraft. But this is not a singular case. another Dreamliner, this time under the colors of Norwegian, reached a speed of 1248.8 km / h, one day in January, on the route New York - London.

I also told you about the jet stream in the article with the fastest flights in the world.

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