8 stadiums in Europe which are also tourist attractions

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Some stadiums in Europe are not only the place where people gather only for matches and concerts, but also tourist attractions that are worth visiting when you arrive in that city.

Here are 8 of the most popular:

Camp Nou (Barcelona)

1. Camp Nou (Barcelona) - The stadium where FC Barcelona plays its home matches is a real attraction among tourists. In fact, the Camp Nou has competed in recent years with the famous Sagrada Familia in terms of the number of tourists. In addition to the stadium tour, the club's impressive museum can be visited at the Camp Nou. It was inaugurated in 1984 and covers an area of ​​3.500 square meters.

Here is the whole history of the club, with trophies, photos, videos and audio and much more. You can also enter a locker room. Prices for a tour of the stadium and the museum start at 26 euros for adults. In addition, many tourists used to come to Barcelona in the past just to watch football matches.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium (Istanbul)

2. Ataturk Olympic Stadium (Istanbul) - The stadium with a capacity of over 80 seats was inaugurated in 2020 and was named in honor of the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The original purpose of the stadium was to host the 2008 Olympic Games, but Turkey did not win the organization, so football matches generally take place here. There are many tourists attracted by this arena, which is quite visited, along with other sights in Istanbul.

The stadium in Istanbul is one of the most appreciated in Europe, so it also received the right to host the Champions League final 2021/2022, a competition that Bayern Munich and Manchester City are favorites to win, according to odds published by 888sport, a recognized operator for the variety offered, but also for the very good odds at live sports betting and not only.

Wembley (London)

3. Wembley (London) - The legendary British stadium was reopened in 2007 and is a real temple of football and more. For example, this year it will host the final of the European Football Championship. However, in addition to football matches, renowned artists also performed here. There were years when over 2 million people they have crossed the threshold of Wembley Stadium, whether we are talking about football-related events, concerts or simply tourists coming to visit the grand arena. In fact, many people were looking for it flights to London to attend favorite concerts or top football matches.

Allianz Arena (Munich)

4. Allianz Arena (Munich) - Another grand arena that attracts tourists is the one in Munich. The place where Bayern Munich play their home matches offers an impressive tour again prices start at 19 euros. In this tour, people have the opportunity to visit the lower part of the stands, to enter the conference room and the mixed area, to walk on the tunnel where the players step, and also to visit the impressive museum of the Bayern Munich club.

The entire history of the Bavarian group was integrated into this museum, but it was also adapted to today's technology. The duration for the tour of the arena is 45 minutes, while that for the tour of the museum can vary between an hour and an hour and a half.

Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid)

5. Santiago Bernabeu (Madrid) - This stadium is under reconstruction and will be a real gem when it is ready, so certainly the number of people who will visit it will be even higher than usual. The stadium is steeped in history and offers tourists a full tour, which includes a visit to the Real Madrid Museum, a panoramic view of the inside of the stadium, as well as access to temporary exhibitions within the arena. In addition, the price is not exactly high either, a tour starting at 14 euros.

Liverpool FC Stadium (Liverpool)

6. Liverpool FC Stadium (Liverpool) - The legendary Anfield Road Arena is one of Liverpool's top tourist attractions. Many people visited this stadium attracted only by the Liverpool anthem, sung with passion by the "cormorants" supporters. In addition to the classic tour of the stadium, with access to the tunnel, locker rooms and the conference room, Liverpool offers fans the opportunity to participate in meetings with the club's legends, but also to obtain photos and autographs.

Juventus Stadium (Turin)

7. Juventus Stadium (Turin) - And the group in which Cristiano Ronaldo plays has an impressive museum. The price of a ticket is 12 euros, and a tour lasts about an hour. In addition to access to the museum, an access ticket to the stadium tour can be purchased for 8 euros. Here, people have access to the edge of the field, in the stands, in the conference room, in the tunnel and in the locker rooms. Juventus Stadium was inaugurated a few years ago and everything still looks new.

Old Trafford (Manchester)

8. Old Trafford (Manchester) - Manchester United's arena is also full of history and has been a point of attraction for many years. United also has a very well-developed museum, but it is currently closed. Old Trafford is also still considered one of the most impressive stadiums in Europe.

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