80 tourists are stuck in a Chinese resort due to COVID-000 restrictions!

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About 80.000 tourists are stranded in the Sanya resort after authorities discovered an outbreak of COVID-19 and imposed a lockdown, the Associated Press reported, citing BTA. Sanya, a city in southern Hainan Island, is a popular surfing destination.

The goal was to stop the spread of the coronavirus on the tropical island of Hainan. The restrictions came into effect after around 500 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed. Essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies remain open, but entertainment venues have been closed since last week, AFP news agency reports.

The ruling Chinese Communist Party firmly adheres to the principle of "zero tolerance", which puts the country at odds with the rest of the world. A recent outbreak in Shanghai led to a two-month lockdown of China's largest city, severely damaging the country's economy and stranding millions of people at home.

The Sanya Railway Authority banned the sale of tickets and all flights were cancelled. Tourists wishing to leave Sanya must have tested negative for five PCR tests conducted within seven days, authorities said.

Meanwhile, hotels will offer guests a 50 percent discount for the quarantine period, a city administration representative said at the briefing. The closure comes at the peak of tourist season in Sanya, a resort known for its beaches.

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