899 passengers waiting to be picked up from Turkey

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About 899 passengers, who have purchased plane tickets through Paravion, are waiting to be picked up from Turkey. They are 239 from Romania, 550 from Istanbul and Ankara, respectively 100 from passengers from the United Kingdom, Hungary and Asia.

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899 stranded passengers from Turkey

According to Paravion information, the tourism company is in permanent contact with the authorities and air operators. Solutions are being sought to help them change their flights or recover their ticket value.

"We communicate with everyone and we trust that all Paravion customers will be safe. Next we contact air operators for real-time information and actions. All the signals indicate that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible ”, says Remus Vişan, General Manager of Paravion.

For more information, you can call 004 0372727374 or write to the email address [Email protected]

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