9 euro subscription (ticket) with which you can travel all over Germany for a month!

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The 9 euro ticket is attractive for anyone using public transport in Germany. With this ticket you will be able to travel all over Germany for a month, in June, July or August. The 9 euro ticket will also be valid on Deutsche Bahn regional trains, in the 2nd class. For the first class, the normal rate is paid. 9 euro tickets can be purchased from the stations through the website bahn.de, through all DB channels or through the DB Navigator application.

9 EURO ticket, no travel limit

But be very careful because there is a rule in the purchase of this 9 EURO ticket. Those who want to take advantage of this offer should buy the ticket on the 1st of that month and will enjoy the whole month. If the ticket is purchased on the 29th of that month, the ticket will be valid until the end of that month, so 2 days.

The 9 euro ticket can be used nationally on all routes and in all means of public transport without a travel limit. ticket nu available for trains dedicated to long and speed routes (eg IC, EC, ICE) and long-distance buses. The ticket is valid on DB RB, RE and IRE trains. Tickets are not allocated, so there is a good chance that 9 EURO ticket holders will be able to travel on foot.

Children under the age of 6 can travel for FREE without a ticket, but obviously must be accompanied by at least one adult. Children aged 6-14 have need your own ticket or 9 euro ticket.

As for pets, in principle, a 9 euro ticket cannot be purchased for dogs. However, dogs can be taken, as usual, in accordance with the usual tariff regulations, depending on the network, possibly with a separate ticket. This also applies to guide and assistance dogs.

If you plan to visit Germany in June, July or August, plan your regional trips and take advantage of the 9 EURO ticket. You can travel to visit one of the the 10 most beautiful castles in Germany.

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