99 people with disabilities fired a Boeing 787 British Airways

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On 23 November 2018, 99 people in wheelchairs fired a Boeing 787 British Airways over 106 meters. Guinness World Record validated the performance and announced the new world record.

The event took place at London Heathrow International Airport as part of an operation by Aeromobility. It is an association created for the purpose of advocating for people with disabilities to fly.

Boeing 787 British Airways, pulled by 99 from people in wheelchairs

The 127 tonnage of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner British Airways was towed 106 meters, representing the new world record.

There have been cases when people have towed planes. In 2017, 56 cops fired an Emirates Airbus A380 100 meters away.

There were also events when ordinary cars fired planes. Here we recall the moment when one Porsche Cayenne S Diesel has treated an Airbus A380 Air France. But also by the event when one Tesla X P100D has treated a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Qantas.

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