A plane crashed in Ukraine. 25 people lost their lives. (Video)

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An An-26 plane crashed near the city of Chuguev in the Kharkov region of Ukraine. The tragic accident occurred during the landing, the Ukrainian Air Force Command said on Friday.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that there were 27 people on board the aircraft: 20 cadets and 7 crew members. All were military pilots and cadets of the Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of the Air Force.

The latest report from the Ministry showed that at least 25 people died and 2 suffered severe burns on 90% of the body surface.

According to the local news agency, the cadets were performing a training flight. The fatal crash took place on landing near the eastern city of Chuhuyiv, near the military airport.

An investigation has been opened to determine the causes that led to the tragic plane crash.

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