(Video) Airbus A320neo with LEAP-1A engines operated the first flight

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On May 19, 2015, the first A320neo equipped with CFM International LEAP-1A engines successfully completed the inaugural flight to the base in Toulouse, France. Experienced test pilots - Philippe Perrin and Malcolm Ridley - were at the helm of the A320neo (F-WNEW).

The flight took 4 hours and 25 minutes, during which various tests were performed, and the aircraft reached the maximum altitude of 39,000ft. The engines were tested by the variation of speeds (low / high), but also the on-board systems were tested.

The newest member of the A320 family, A320neo, includes many innovations, including state-of-the-art engines, Sharklet devices at the top of the wings and cabin upgrades. Together they will bring 20% decrease in fuel consumption. A320neo aircraft have accumulated over 400 flight hours on approximately 130 flights since the first flight operated on September 25.

On 21 May 2015, the aircraft A320neo (F-WNEW) operated the second flight just under our eyes. Below you have pictures of the aircraft parked on the Airbus platform in Toulouse and ready for flight.

Airbus A320neo-LEAP-1
Airbus A320neo-LEAP-1
Airbus A320neo-LEAP-1-1
Airbus A320neo-LEAP-1-2
Airbus A320neo-LEAP-1-2

(Photo: AirlinesTravel.ro / Huawei P8 lite from Cel.ro)

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