Accor study: Europeans plan to spend an average of 39% more on holidays in 2022 than in 2019

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A new study by Accor, the world leader in hospitality, reveals optimism about the return of travel in 2022, with tourists planning to spend an average of 39% more on travel in 2022 than in 2019 and make an average of four trips in this year. year.

The study interviewed 6000 people in five countries - the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Russia - about their travel preferences and desires. The results were favorable and show appreciation for travel and vacation time, more than ever.

Despite recent barriers posed by Delta and Omicron, more than 80% of respondents plan to travel in 2022. They want to travel a lot and, after two years of restrictions, want to spend significant sums.

The study is part of an in-depth report on travel trends in Northern Europe, published by Accor, which examines how post-Covid behavioral changes will influence how we travel, live, work and spend our free time in 2022, and future.

The desire to escape to sunny destinations has increased, as beach holidays are at the top of the wish list for travelers in 2022, 33% of respondents plan getaways to the sun and sand. Citybreakers (26%) are expected to return as the call for cosmopolitan culture resurfaces. The continuous return to nature, accentuated by Omicron.

Pre-Omicron research indicated that one in five (20%) sought escape to the country, but the recent rise in the pandemic has led to an increased desire for escape from urban areas, with 30% of travelers seeking nature vacations in 2022. Omicron our desire to explore our own country has doubled - by the end of 2021, only 14% of travelers were planning extended stays (“staycation”), and by the beginning of 2022, that number had doubled to 28%.

Overall, 25% of respondents are more prone to staycations due to Omicron. After two difficult years, 14% of Europeans aspire to absolute luxury and plan the journey of a lifetime to make up for all the travel lost in the pandemic years.

Italy has been identified as the number one travel destination in Europe. In addition, 55% of those surveyed plan to travel to Europe, and 13% of those wishing to explore beyond the continent's borders plan to travel to North America and 11% to Southeast Asia.

30% of people are actively planning and booking travel for the first half of the year, 50% for the second half of the year and almost one in five (17%) are already booking travel for 2023.

The study shows a strong appetite for travel, but also shows anticipated changes. 1 in 5 respondents (22%) say travel priorities will be different after the pandemic. Booking flexibility and high health standards top the list of things Europeans expect to have in 2022 and beyond.

31% want clearer health and safety standards, and 1 in 5 (19%) would be willing to pay more for a hotel room if it has a recognized cleanliness award, such as Accor's global ALLSAFE label for health and hygiene. 30% want more flexibility when it comes to changing reservations.

Technology will also play a significant role in providing an easier contact experience in terms of contact, 23% of European travelers expect more contactless payment options and 17% want an increase in hotel technology, from customer service via WhatsApp to improvements in the quality and functionality of TVs in hotel rooms.

People want to travel, but they also want to be safe, and now they are adapting to the fact that the two can coexist. Given the uncertainty of recent months, reinsurance, both in terms of safety and flexibility, is a necessity for travel in 2022 and beyond.

The way people travel is also changing. 16% expect fewer air travel in 2022, 18% expect a return of train and car travel, and 13% expect planning for multiple trips in the same period to continue as standard in 2022, giving travelers the assurance that at least one of the trips should be according to plan.

One positive thing about the Covid years is raising awareness of sustainability as a priority. Sustainability and the impact of travel on the climate and the planet are now a factor for 87% of people. This influences the choice of destination, how to get there, accommodation and activities that I can undertake during the trip.

Mindful Travel will be a major trend in 2022. The emotional and experiential role of travel is also more important now than ever. 66% of study participants agree: "One of my biggest priorities when I go on vacation is to increase my mental well-being and leave stress behind." After two years of restrictions, the saying "change is as good as rest" has never been more true. 67% agree: "Being in a different place allows me to clear my mind and restore order in my life."

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