ADATA Power Bank X7000 - 7000 mAh on the carrier

ADATA has released an external 7000 mAh battery!

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Today, 27 February 2017, ADATA Technology has announced the launch of the new Power Bank X7000. As the name suggests, this device has one 7000mAh capacity. X7000 is equipped with two USB ports, offering the ability to simultaneously charge up to two devices.

The elegant design is complemented by the best components and intelligent circuits and the extremely resistant materials from which it is made. The meticulously constructed circuits offer multiple protection for excessive heat, voltage, current, charging and discharging. At the same time, the manufacturer announces that the new external battery is more resistant to fire (polycarbonate housing) and shocks (IEC 60950 certified) compared to previous generations.

ADATA Power Bank X7000

The combination of textured aluminum housing and hard plastic side panels results in a unique product, which differs significantly from other external batteries. With the choice of three color variants, X7000 is a premium charging device, ideal for your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

The newly launched model weighs only 210g and 12mm thick. With these specifications, the X7000 fits very well in hand luggage.

ADATA Power Bank X7000 comes in three color variants: titanium gray, blue and red. An LED indicator quickly indicates the load capacity so that users are always informed.

Among the announced specifications, it attracted our attention and fast loading. The new Power Bank X7000 is equipped with two USB ports, providing a total of 2.4A required for connected devices. The two ports allow the simultaneous charging of two mobile devices, thus saving time, and time is precious in a journey.

As I wrote before, one external battery must be part of the travel kit. It is never known when you run out of battery on your phone or tablet and need a little energy. We put him on the shopping list. 

ADATA Power Bank X7000 will cost approximately 30 EURO and will be available in Romania starting April 2017!

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