Airbus 2019 report: 863 aircraft delivered and 768 net orders

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Airbus presented the report on 2019. According to it, the largest aircraft manufacturer in Europe delivered 863 civilian aircraft to 99 customers worldwide. It represents a new record, surpassing the previous record of 2018 by 8%.

2019 is the 17th consecutive year of growth. At the same time, 2019 is also the year when Airbus made the transition from the old models to the new NEOs.

Airbus 2019 report by aircraft models:

  • A220 family of aircraft: 48 vs. 20 in 2018 (the new family of A220 aircraft became part of Airbus starting July 1, 2018);
  • A32 family of aircraft0: 642 vs. 626 in 2018. Of these, 551 were from the A320NEO family.
  • A330 family of aircraft: 53 vs. 49 in 2018. Of these, 41 were NEO.
  • A350 family of aircraft: 112 vs. 93 in 2018. Of these, 25 were A350-1000
  • Airbus A380: 8 Vs. 12 in 2018. Unfortunately, Airbus has announced that it is giving up the A380.
Airbus report 2019

For Airbus, 2019 was an exceptional year. In addition to record deliveries, Airbus also recorded numerous orders. According to the report, new orders were registered for 1131 aircraft, of which 768 net orders. At the end of the year, Airbus had total orders for 7482 aircraft, those outstanding orders that Airbus will deliver in the coming years.

Regarding the orders registered, most were placed for the A320 aircraft family, totaling 654 aircraft. Including the new model Airbus A321XLR has received important orders. Significant orders also received the Airbus A220 family of aircraft, totaling 63 aircraft. Wide-body aircraft received orders as follows: 32 aircraft for the A350 family and 89 aircraft for the A330 family.

On the carcass of 2019, Airbus also registered several cancellations totaling 363 aircraft. This reflects the economic and positioning situations of some airlines. But also because Airbus canceled production of A380 aircraft.

In 2019, Airbus is 50 years old. Did you know that the A330 was the one that propelled Airbus to today's success?

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