Official: Airbus stops production of A380, the last delivery will be in 2021

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With sadness, we announce that those mentioned a few days ago are confirmed. Airbus gives up A380. Stop the production of super jumbo and the last delivery is scheduled for 2021.

Emirates has made the decision to reduce order from A380 to 14 outstanding units. Given that the A380 program has not received any orders, Airbus has decided to give up the production of floor planes, and the last delivery will be in 2021, to Emirates. The 3 ANA aircraft will also be on the production line.

Airbus stops production of A380

Unfortunately, about 3500 employees will be affected by this decision, but Airbus will be able to relocate staff to the A320 and A350 production lines, which are doing very well.

Airbus A380 is a superb, comfortable plane that has conquered millions of passengers. Unfortunately, the economy plays an important role in the development of the aeronautical industry. The decisions are made on financial considerations.

In recent years, aircraft with 4 engines have increasingly lost ground in front of 2 engines. The Airbus A330neo, A350, Boeing 787, 797 and 777X will be the main widebody aircraft in the coming years.

Nor Airbus A321LR should not be neglected because it has demonstrated its performance on average flights.

Goodbye Airbus A380!

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