Officially, all flights from / to the red zone countries are suspended (military ordinance 7)

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The Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, and the Secretaries of State Bogdan Despescu and Raed Arafat, on Saturday, issued a press statement at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A new military ordinance was issued, which also referred to flights from / to Romania.

All flights from / to countries in the red zone are suspended

As many countries entered the red zone, it was decided to suspend all flights to / from them. Below is the list of countries in the red zone:

❌United Kingdom
The Netherlands

The flights are suspended for a period of 14 days, in order to limit the coronavirus epidemic. The measure will apply from tomorrow, April 5, local time 23:00.

📌 We remind you that, during this period, military ordinances, flight restrictions to and from are instituted:

❌Italy - until April 20, 2020
❌Spain - until April 14, 2020
❌Germany - until April 08, 2020
❌France - until April 08, 2020

The restriction does not apply to state aircraft, freight, humanitarian flights etc. It will be permitted to operate charter flights for the transport of seasonal workers from Romania to other states.

We remind you that the domestic flights, on the Romanian territory, are also stopped.

Check the e-mail used to purchase air tickets. Through that email the airline can send you any notifications regarding the status of your flight and the alternatives offered.

Military Ordinance 7

Military Ordinance 7-of-4 April 2020

We will come back with information

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