Allview Allwatch - the smart watch that listens to your heart

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A traveler is well on his way. In our travels, we choose to walk a lot, to be active, to discover the destinations in step. But at the same time, we must take care of our health. Would it be useful to have an accessory where we can immediately find the heartbeat? Do we know when and how much to rest and when to put sustained effort on travel? I say yes!


Allview Allwatch

Allview recently launched Allwatch, the first smart watch in the portfolio. Allwatch is an accessory for active people, concerned with a healthier lifestyle.

Made of stainless steel, Allwatch adopts a sporty design. Follow the wrist line for added comfort. The display measures 1.28 inches and is just over 8 mm thick. The 2.5D glass screen offers a pleasant sensation to the touch, and the bracelet is suitable for long-term use.

Made to IP67 standard, Allwatch withstands 30 minutes for underwater diving up to 1 meters deep. Also, the sealing of the device offers total protection against dust, and the materials resistant to mechanical shock increase its durability.

The Allwatch smart watch features a Dual-Core chip optimized for increased autonomy. The Memory LCD display has a lower power consumption of up to 970 times compared to a standard LCD.

The battery provides up to 7 days of use and approximately 10 days in stand-by. The battery is fully charged in approximately 90 minutes via the USB cable with magnetic connector.

Allwatch is equipped with sensors that allow permanent, real-time monitoring of heartbeats, with a high level of accuracy. Depending on the heart rate recorded, Allwatch users will be able to measure their effort in physical activities to achieve the desired effects: maintaining or improving general health, increasing physical endurance and burning fat, improving and developing sports performance.

Allwatch records the results for 24 of different sports, and other physical activities can be added manually. In addition, the watch warns its wearer when he has been sitting too long and needs little movement.

Worn at night, Allwatch monitors sleep and synthesizes information into the smartphone app so that the user knows exactly how many hours he has slept soundly or easily, or how long he has been awake.

Compatible with the Android operating system, Allwatch syncs with your smartphone and alerts the user to missed messages, notifications or calls.

Allwatch is available on a pre-order basis, at the price of 349 lei, and deliveries will start from 7 December to 2016.

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