Amsterdam Schiphol Airport limits the number of passengers traveling each day in the summer season 2022!

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Schiphol has informed airlines and travel organizations that they must limit the number of passengers who will be able to travel daily to / from Amsterdam Airport. The maximum number of passengers that will be able to travel from Schiphol Airport will be 67 in the busiest days of July and 500 in August. Without intervention, unmanageable queues can occur and many passengers risk losing their flights. This leads to insecurity among passengers and employees.

"We take this measure with regret. Especially after the impact of the pandemic, we and all our partners would like nothing more than to welcome all travelers with open arms. This measure ensures that the vast majority of passengers can also travel safely through Schiphol AirportSays Dick Benschop, CEO of Schiphol.

The demand for air travel exceeds the optimistic scenarios. At the same time, the labor market is unprecedented. This tension is visible in all parts of the aviation sector, from airports to airlines. 

For 2022, Schiphol has set an optimistic scenario with an increase of 34.5 million passengers, from 25,5 million passengers in 2021 to 60 million passengers in 2022. Given the growing demand in recent months, Schiphol will reach the target drawn in the scenario and will most likely exceed it. 

Unfortunately, the growing demand for travel during the summer combined with the lack of a secure workforce will lead to blockages and there is a risk that thousands of passengers will be unable to travel or risk missing planes and connecting flights.

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