An S7 Airlines plane has been arrested in Yerevan

8 1.158

The Russian airline S7 Airlines has canceled almost all international flights after its plane was arrested in Yerevan. We are also talking about canceled flights to the CIS countries.

S7 has said it is being forced to partially suspend its flight schedule due to restrictions. However, it will not be completely closed. For example, flights from Novosibirsk to Dubai, from Moscow to Antalya and others are scheduled for tomorrow.

Earlier, We Can Explain reported that the Ural Airlines flight from Moscow to Yerevan had landed at Mineralnye Vody Airport and that the Rossiya plane, which was flying from St. Petersburg to Tel Aviv, had landed in Sochi.

They suggested that this was due to sanctions. Thus, the leasing companies want to return the American and European planes that fly in the fleets of the Russian airlines.

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