The livery of the first Airbus A380 ANA (FLYING HONU) was presented

In 2019, the first Airbus A380 ANA will fly on the Tokyo-Honolulu route!

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Hawaii's big, green turtle, named HONU, was chosen to appear on the first Airbus A380 ANA. Starting with 2019's spring, the first Airbus A380 ANA will fly on the Tokyo-Honolulu route.

The first Airbus A380 ANA

This color scheme (FLYING HONU) has been chosen from 2 197 of recommendations sent by different people from all over the world, who have entered in a contest organized by the Japanese operator.



The winner was Chihiro Masuoka from Tokyo with his "Sea Turtle Family" concept. Mr. Chihiro Masuoka received business class air tickets on the Tokyo-Honolulu route.

At the same time, ANA Group will be involved in activities to protect the turtle in Hawaii, a species considered endangered.

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