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Charter flights, Antalya and all inclusive

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At the invitation of Prestige Tours, part of the Happy Tour group, on Monday I will leave in an infotrip in Antalya. I'm not a fan all inclusive, but HAPPYşor wants to show me this side of tourism too. I will experience a charter flight operated by Air Bucharest, I will visit the Antalya area and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


For the first time I will travel to Turkey, fly a charter (we discuss this in a separate article) and test all inclusive services. I don't know more. If you have tips, recommendations, useful information about the area, please leave me comments. I got my passport ready (the Turks still do not receive us without), the ticket and luggage.

I hope to have the Internet throughout this infotrip and to keep you updated with what I discover in Turkey. I invite you to follow me Facebookt, Twitter and on the site. I'm taking one laptop ASUS N53, camera Canon 600D, telephone HTC One X and an external Duracell battery.

Do you need anything else? Song, play and good cheer!

  1. Ionut Dragu says

    If I read you earlier I invite you to Symi for a beer. Next time. 🙂

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    Ionut, next time drink a beer 😀

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