April 16 in aviation: the first flight from mainland America to Hawaii; Embraer EMB 110 entered service.

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On April 16, 1935, a Pan Am aircraft, a Sikorsky S-42 aircraft, made its first flight from mainland America to Hawaii. The first inspection flight took off from San Francisco Bay in a Sikorsky S-42 seaplane, with Captain Musick, a veteran PAA pilot, at the helm of the aircraft. The flight to Pearl Harbor took 17 hours and 14 minutes. This flight was the beginning of an orderly development of Pacific air transport.

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Other aviation events on April 16.

Beagle Airedale's first flight.

On April 16, 1961, the first flight of the Beagle Airedale took place, a British civil aircraft lightly developed in the 1960s.

The first flight of Let L-410 Turbolet.

On April 16, 1969, the first flight of the Let L-410 Turbolet took place, a twin-engine short-range transport aircraft manufactured by the Czech aircraft manufacturer Let Kunovice (named Aircraft Industries since 2005), often used as an airliner. . The aircraft is capable of landing on short, unpaved runways and operating in extreme conditions from −50 ° C (−58 ° F) to +50 ° C (122 ° F). By 2016, 1.200 L-410s have been built and over 350 are in operation in over 50 countries.

Restrictions on the bombing of Vietnam have been lifted.

On April 16, 1972, the administration of President Richard M. Nixon lifted restrictions on the bombing of North Vietnam. The US Air Force, using B-52 Stratofortresses aircraft, bombed targets near Haiphong for the first time since 1968.

Embraer EMB 110 entered service.

On April 16, 1973, the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante aircraft with Transbrasil entered operational service.

The contract was signed for 173 CF-18 A Hornet fighters.

On April 16, 1980, a contract was signed with CFB Uplands for 173 CF-18 A Hornet fighters.

The first flight of the McDonnell Douglas T-45.

On April 16, 1988, the first McDonnell Douglas T-45 flight took place. The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) T-45 Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the British BAE Systems Hawk ground-powered aircraft. Manufactured by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) and British Aerospace (now BAE Systems), the T-45 is used by the United States Navy as a capable aircraft carrier trainer.

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