Astana - Bucharest with TAROM from 2018?

A news article published on announces several routes from Kazakhstan, including Astana - Bucharest. This would be released in 2018.

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During the TransEurasia-2017 conference, several routes from Kazakhstan to destinations in Europe were announced. Among those listed, I also saw Astana - Bucharest.

Astana - Bucharest

According to a response given by the Romanian Embassy in Astana, the route could be operated by TAROM, the national carrier of Romania.

Did I tell you that a 2018 full of surprises is announced? The news published on (seen at really surprised us.

It would not be bad to have flights to the east, more to the east. I only heard beautiful words about Astana (Kazakhstan), Baku (Azerbaijan), Tbilisi (Georgia). And Russia is a beautiful country with many cities worthy of a short list of travelers. And no, let's not make politics.

Astana - Kazakhstan

I would love to see the route in the TAROM portfolio. It would really be a new route. If it is combined with the travel agencies in the country, success is guaranteed.

Do we have hopes? Better to be realistic! "Man lives and man sees, the blind man said!"

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