Ataturk International Airport reopened / Many flights canceled

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Following the attempted coup in Turkey, Atatürk and Sabiha Gokcen airports in Istanbul have been closed. During this day, the airports were reopened, but with over 75% of the flights canceled.

PHOTO: Dragos Anastasiu / Bucharest Airport, Otopeni

Canceled flights on the route Bucharest - Istanbul

Even flights from / to Romania were canceled. According to information displayed by Bucharest Airports, the flights operated by TAROM (RO261 / RO262) have been canceled.

Turkish Airlines will not operate TK1041 / TK1042 flights either; DON'T KNOW / DON'T KNOW; TK1043 / TK1044, which were scheduled for today.

According to statements made by Lazar Comanescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport are approximately 200 of Romanians. They are in charge of the MFA crisis cell at Ataturk airport.

According to the Romanian travel agencies, charter flights to / from Turkish holiday destinations (especially Antalya) are not affected by the instability in Turkey.

TUI TravelCenter release!

TUI TravelCenter, part of the Eurolines group, set up on Saturday, July 16, time 01: 00, a crisis cell with the purpose of managing the situation related to the latest events in Turkey and how our tourists could be affected.

From the information received from our partners and collaborators, the summer tourist areas - Antalya and Bodrum - are quiet and the flights to these destinations will take place according to the announced schedule.

Those who do not want to travel, can cancel / postpone without additional costs or change the destination depending on the offers available.

Tourists who are about to leave for summer tourist destinations in Turkey in the next hours can contact us for more details at 021 316 08 90 / 0721 289 501 or [email protected]

Christian Tour release!

In connection with the events in Turkey during the evening of July 15, our agency confirms that it is in direct contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and has formed a crisis cell within the agency, in which all the heads of operational departments participate. of the Christian Tour, to find the optimal solution for tourists in Turkey at the moment, but also for those who were to travel during the day of 16 July 2016.

Our local representatives from Antalya and the Aegean coast (Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris), where we operate charter flights during the summer season, also confirm that Christian Tour tourists in these destinations are not affected by these events in any way. way. All the tourist services contracted through our agency are provided under normal conditions. We make every effort to inform and ensure the assistance of our tourists on the territory of Turkey.

Also, we recommend our tourists in Turkey to keep calm and keep in touch with Christian Tour representatives from the destination and from Romania. In this regard, we provide phone numbers to which we answer non-stop: + 4 021 270 00 99 or + 4 0720 800 212.

Kusadasi release

As a result of the events in Turkey on the night of 15.07.16 in Istanbul and Ankara, we inform you that at present the order has been established and the force majeure is not declared, everything is still under the control of the Government.

Also, the Turkish coast was not affected in any way. Today 16.07.2016 has conducted 4 charter flights to Antalya and Bodrum according to the schedule. All airports resumed their activity.

As a result, the charter flights operated by the Travel Agency KUSADASI together with Air Bucharest will be carried out according to the program. The 18.07.2016 Monday flight will take place under normal conditions and will depart for Antalya with Mr Yapici Hasan on board.

Also, our representatives from Antalya, Bodrum, Kusadasi and Marmaris are assisting all those on vacation. We mention that any cancellation requests will be handled according to the contract.

Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In view of the events in progress in the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends to tourists and other Romanian citizens in the territory of this state not to leave the accommodation locations, to avoid any trips that are not strictly necessary, especially in crowded places, and be constantly informed about the evolution of the internal situation.

Also, according to the available information, there are malfunctions in the functionality of the infrastructure elements regarding the road, rail or air traffic, the Romanian citizens who intend to travel to any destinations in Turkey, in the coming days, are advised to reschedule their respective journeys.

Romanian citizens can call the Romanian Embassy in Ankara and the Romanian Consulates General in Istanbul and Izmir by means of the Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens from Abroad, which operates permanently, at + 90.312.44.77.920 numbers; + NEXT 90 212; + NEXT 3583541 90; + 212 3580516 90, + 212 3583537 90. For the proper granting of consular assistance and the operative taking over of the requests of Romanian citizens, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also makes available to interested citizens additionally the TelVerde line 232 4650579 0800 (accessible only from Romania, free of charge), as well as the e-mail address: [email protected]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Romanian citizens traveling to the Republic of Turkey avoid any travel to the southeastern part of the country and the border area with Syria and Iraq, due to the high risks generated by terrorist actions and the occurrence of unpredictable situations, caused by terrorist attacks and armed attacks.

Moving to the localities near the mentioned borders implies, consequently, a major security risk.

Romanian citizens are warned that there is a risk that certain communication routes or border crossing points may be temporarily closed, and the areas concerned will be subject to unforeseen military restrictions.

Due to the high risk of terrorist attacks in Turkey, the authorities show maximum vigilance, taking firm measures to control the south-east border, limiting the movement and detecting suspicious persons.

In recent months, there have been repeated terrorist attacks on Turkish territory, as well as armed incidents near the Turkish border with Syria and Iraq, as well as measures instituted by the Turkish authorities, including by the deployment of military personnel.

Given the recent terrorist attacks in Ankara (04.03.2016), Istanbul (12.01.2016, 19.03.2016, 17.06.2016) and the Kemal Ataturk International Airport in 28.06.2016 in Istanbul, which targeted both Turkish and foreign nationals in crowded areas or tourist, the risk of new attacks in such areas, in the big cities of Turkey, persists.

Romanian citizens visiting or in transit in these cities (especially Ankara - Kizilay district Tunalı Boulevard; Istanbul - Taksim squares and adjacent streets, Istiklal Blvd. and Kadikoy district, Sultanahmet and Bazar area; Izmir) and other tourist areas Highly frequented in Turkey must show the utmost caution during this period, avoiding crowded places in public spaces and tourist attractions.

It is strongly recommended for Romanian citizens traveling to Istanbul to avoid prolonged stay in the main tourist areas, near shopping centers or police stations, and in the context of observing suspicious persons or packages, to leave the area in which they are located.
Given the possible occurrence of spontaneous manifestations, it is recommended to Romanian citizens to delimit themselves by any protest and to leave the respective areas.

At the Turkish-Syrian border, two border points operate under a restricted and selective regime, namely Cilvegözü / Bab Al Hava in Hatay and Öncüpınar / Bab Al Selame in Kilis. These points can be used for citizens, humanitarian aid and commercial goods, but the crossing is not guaranteed, as there is a special commission that examines each border crossing request. In addition, the Nusaybin / Kamışlı border point in Mardin is only open for humanitarian aid from the United Nations.

At the Turkish-Iraqi border, the border point Ibrahim Khalil (Habur) remains closed for an indefinite period as a result of Turkish military / security operations in the area and there are no alternative routes.

It is recommended for Romanian citizens who are in transit, or want to travel on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, to avoid the central / crowded areas, the meeting and marching places of the protesters / protesters (meetings, demonstrations, concerts, conferences, etc.), as well as the areas adjacent to the police stations and the headquarters of the security structures of the Turkish cities. It is advisable to avoid travel to the conflict zones, from the Turkish border with Syria, grouped especially in the provinces and, where appropriate, the localities Diyarbakîr, Sylvan, Şirnak, Nusaybin, Gaziantep, Van, Hakkari, Kilis, Şanlîurfa, Tunceli, Erzincan, Mardin , Yirtir, Hatay, Adana, Adyaman, Igdir, Mus, Agri, Batman, Kars, Most land borders with Syria are closed.

In situations where there are Romanian carriers who take the risks of crossing the Turkish border with Syria or the Kurdistan Autonomous Region (RAK) in Iraq, it is recommended to inform about the legal regime of the stay in Turkey and about the customs rules applicable to foreign carriers - documents valid of the vehicles, procures for the use of the vehicles exclusively by the authorized drivers, the existence of the international insurance of the transport license and the commercial and customs documents, etc.

Romanian citizens who intend to travel by personal car in Turkey, must consider the following: in order to establish the itinerary, to be informed on the territory of Turkey about the special security measures taken by the Turkish authorities, such as imposing a traffic ban in some localities. , during the night or in total, and carrying out checks on the documents and filters on the communication paths;

to take into account that the Turkish authorities monitor very closely the inflows and exits of foreign nationals in / from Turkey; the rule is that the person who has entered the territory of Turkey, with a car for which he holds property documents (registration certificate) or procures for its use, the same person must leave Turkey with the car. No exceptions are even accepted regarding the spouse of the Romanian citizen or his close relatives. If, for various reasons, a Romanian citizen enters Turkey by car, and then chooses to leave by plane or other vehicle, he is required to notify the authorities and to follow the customs procedures regarding the legal situation (import-export) of the car he is traveling with. leave in Turkey. Turkish law is very restrictive in this respect, both for reasons of compliance with customs procedures, and especially for preventing crimes or terrorist attacks by using vehicles;

In case the Romanian citizens are required to leave their cars on the territory of Turkey or park them for periods longer than two or three days, they must ensure that they are parked in specially arranged places, under guard and conclude contracts / agreements with persons or companies providing such services. In cases where cars are parked at random, in public places, for several days, the security authorities may take measures to lift them or proceed to check by specialized anti-terror units and even destroy the car, if there are suspicions that can conceal an explosive charge.

2. Contacting the Romanian authorities

Romanian citizens in Turkey, especially in risk areas, are advised to report their presence in the Turkish territory, by contacting the Romanian Embassy in Ankara, the Consulate General of Romania in Istanbul or the Consulate General of Romania in Izmir, depending on the region where they are found. In addition to reporting presence, it is advisable to send your own coordinates, as well as their relatives, or other contacts in the country. This procedure is necessary in the event of emergency situations, in order to provide consular assistance to those interested.

At the same time, we suggest that, during your stay, if you are in an extraordinary situation (accident, hospitalization, death of another person, calamities, identity theft, terrorist attack) you can contact the Consular Section of The Romanian Embassy at the emergency telephone no. + 90532 3181726 or, depending on where you are, the Consulate General of Romania in Istanbul, on the emergency telephone: + 90 533 5420695 or the Consulate General of Romania in Izmir, on the emergency telephone: + 90 530 4150077.

Romanian citizens who ignore the warnings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and move to risk areas are warned to do so on their own responsibility and will bear the consequences of possible incidents, given the limited possibilities of intervention of diplomatic missions and career consular offices in emergencies. , from case to case.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Romanian citizens consult the website and recalls that Romanian citizens traveling abroad have the "Travel Safe" application (available for free in the "App Store" and "Google Play"). , which offers information, travel tips and the possibility of being alerted, in case special situations arise, as well as the SMS alert service, related to the information campaign "An SMS can save your life!".

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