Baneasa Airport will be reopened to passenger air traffic

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Today there was a conference / debate on the development projects of Romania, which will entitled “The big investments of Romania, from promise to reality".

The two airports of the capital, managed by the National Company Bucharest Airports, were the subject of several presentations. Their development is a priority for the current government.

Baneasa Airport will be reopened

The General Manager, Alexandru-George Ivan, spoke about the evolution plans of the Bucharest Airports National Company. The first project presented was the one for Aurel Vlaicu - Băneasa International Airport.

After 8 years, it will finally be put back on the commercial aviation map. The term of execution of the modernization work is six months. In the spring of next year - 2020 - it will be possible to operate the first air flights - line or charters - on Băneasa.

Currently, Aurel Vlaicu - Băneasa Airport receives only military aircraft, ultra light and business aircraft, plus commercial aircraft arriving in the Romaero and Blue Air hangars.

The news is wonderful in the conditions in which the Henri Coandă - Otopeni / Bucharest International Airport is more and more crowded. Let's hope it's not just promises. As financial resources, budgetary sources, non-reimbursable and reimbursable European funds, as well as from private sources will be used.

Source info: Bucharest Airports!

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