Austria reopens borders for tourists. The 3G rule applies when entering Austria, but the 2G rule applies locally!

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The lockdown in Austria ends on December 12th. The infection rate has dropped and Austria will reopen gradually at regional level. Travel to Austria for tourism purposes will again be possible for people vaccinated and recovered from COVID-19 disease.

Starting today, December 12, the lockdown measure will be lifted in the regions of Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Burgenland. From December 17, lockown restrictions will be lifted in the regions of Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Lower Austria, and from December 20, the lockdown will be removed in Vienna. This means that accommodation units, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues will be able to receive tourists according to the data mentioned above.

Restrictions are also set to be lifted in Upper Austria on December 17, but nothing is 100% certain yet.

Following the removal of the lockdown restrictions, the 2G rule (vaccinated, recovered) will be applied in Austria, as well as the requirements for the FFP2 mask.

For the safety of locals and visitors, the following restrictive measures will be observed:

  • For hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, leisure centers, gyms, cultural institutions (cinemas, theaters, etc.), Christmas markets, ski lifts / cable cars and care services (such as hairdressing) will be needed. proof of complete vaccination / recovery. Children under 12 are exempt.
  • COVID tests (PCR and antigen) are NOT VALID as "input tests".
  • FFP2 masks are mandatory in all public areas and enclosed spaces. In restaurants / cafes / inns, you must wear an FFP2 mask when you are not seated at the table. In all types of accommodation, FFP2 masks are mandatory in enclosed public spaces.
  • Restaurants / Cafes / Inns must close at 23:00. Bars and clubs remain closed for the time being.
  • Vaccination in 2 doses this valid for 270 days after the second dose. After that, the booster dose is required.

Careful: Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccination is only valid until January 3, 2022. After this date, the booster dose is required for proof of complete vaccination.

Please note that during your stay in Austria, stricter rules apply than when entering the country. In Austria, the 2G rule ("vaccinated, recovered") applies. It is in force in many areas. Access to accommodation, restaurants / bars, cable cars and cultural institutions, among others, is only possible with proof of complete vaccination / previous infection.

To enter Austria, the 3G rule (tested, vaccinated, recovered) applies, and travelers must present one of the following documents:

  • PCR test - Upon entry into Austria, you must present a PCR test not older than 72 hours, which must be issued by a medical authority. This includes children from the age of 12. Antigen tests are no longer valid for entry into Austria. CAREFUL!!! The PCR test is not accepted if you want to enter public areas: accommodation, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, leisure centers, gyms, cultural institutions (cinemas, theaters, etc.), to use cable cars / ski lifts and for hygiene related services (such as barbershops).
  • Vaccine certificate - The vaccine certificate is valid for 270 days from the second dose for two-dose vaccines. If you have received a third dose of vaccination / supplement / booster dose, it is valid for 270 days after the third vaccination. For single dose vaccines, it is valid from the 22nd day for 270 days from the date of vaccination. There must be at least 120 days between the second and third booster vaccine and at least 14 days between the first and second dose.
  • Proof of previous infection - You can enter Austria on the basis of the certificate obtained after infection for 180 days after a SARS-CoV-2 infection. As proof, the following are considered valid: a certificate of recovery, a medical confirmation (a PCR test) or a notification of the quarantine obligation. Proof of neutralizing antibodies is no longer valid for entry into Austria.

At the moment, Romania is on the list of safe countries, without the quarantine requirement.

Proof of a previous PCR test, vaccination or infection can be provided by a medical certificate, an official test result, a digital vaccination certificate / vaccination card / green pass (including a pdf from an e-passport vaccine, either over the phone or as a hard copy). Documents must be in English or German.

If you are unable to present any of these documents, you are required to take a PCR test within 24 hours of entering Austria. Please note that you will need to provide proof of complete vaccination / previous infection when staying at the hotel. However, in this case, it will you need to register digitally before traveling in order to obtain a pre-travel authorization and you must present proof at the border (either digitally or on paper).

The form can be completed for a single person, for a single entry and at the earliest 72 hours before entry. At the border, all citizens are required to present the PTC (either digitally or on paper). There are also exceptions for various reasons and situations impossible to predict previously.

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