[Austrian Airlines offer] Discounts of 15 EUR for European flights and 55 EUR for first flights

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Between 1 September and 15 September, Austrian Airlines celebrates its 55 years of presence in Romania together with its passengers, who are offered a number of special discounts. For any ticket to intercontinental destinations, they receive a discount of 55 EUR (discount code Vienna55IK), and for tickets to Europe the discount is 15 EUR (discount code Vienna55). All discounts are valid for tickets purchased from the website www.austrian.ro.

I did some simulations and the codes apply very well. I tried the route Bucharest - Vienna and got a reduced fare of 15 EUR.


I also searched for an intercontinental flight, more precisely on the route Bucharest - New York and I obtained a fare of 511 EUR after applying the discount of 55 EUR.


Note: The simulations are made with informative note to prove the existence of the promotion. AirlinesTravel is not responsible for any fare changes made by the airline. Each chooses travel periods according to preferences.

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