Bali will quarantine tourists on yachts, boats and ships

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Bali authorities want to give tourists a sense of freedom during quarantine. To do this, officials prepare yachts and quarantine ships. Details were reported by the local press, citing the Minister of Tourism and Economy, Sandiago Uno.

Indonesian officials have decided to take a creative approach to the quarantine issue. The management of the exotic destination has decided to respond to the requests of tourists and to replace the 5-day quarantine at the hotel with a similar period on ships and yachts that will sail on the coast of Bali.

According to the minister, the island has received requests from tourists and tour operators to replace the hotel's isolation with a stay at the sea, where tourists can enjoy recreational activities - diving and swimming.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Tourism Rizki Handayani said her team is coordinating with the Ministry of Health to assess and certify ships booked by tourists. "The operators said they were ready and had no problem not docking for five days".

The non-standard solution has proven to be beneficial for local businesses as well. For example, Ngadiman Sudiaman, CEO of a water transport rental company, told Jakarta Post that the government's decision will relaunch maritime tourism and bring back thousands of traditional Indonesian sailing ships and boats and thus bring revenue to shipowners. . "Demand is still low, but I am confident that this option can be an attractive alternative for foreign tourists, as they can feel the atmosphere of rest and freedom during quarantine."Ngadiman added.

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