The Baltic Bees team will participate in the AeroNautic Show Iasi 2014

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On 14 June, on Lake Aroneanu, will take place AeroNautic Show Iasi 2014, a unique show in Romania.

The second edition will bring to Iasi Baltic Bees - a private acrobatic team. It was born in Lithuania in 2008 with the aim of participating in various aviation shows and exhibitions organized all over the world.

Although it is still a young team, founded only by six years, Baltic Bees has managed to prove that it can create special aeronautical shows through its unique piloting style and the most difficult acrobatic maneuvers performed with aircraft Aero L-39 Albatros.


This performance is due to the extended program of acrobatic training, but also to their concern for safety during the flight. The team consists of pilots with extensive experience, with thousands of hours flying on military aircraft, but also on high-acrobatic aircraft: Artyom Soldoduha - band leader, Igor Yudkin - left wing, Anatoly Perekriostov - right wing, Alexander Zarinsh and Valery Sobolev. The team is based and trains at Jurmala airport.

From the almost complete AeroNautic Show Iasi 2014 they will not be missing either Acrobatic chess players, who will fly again to Iasi, being the only ones in the country with a show in the twilight.

Iasi County Council is the main organizer of the event, alongside Romanian Aeronautical Association, Iasi Airporti and Board of Airports in Romania. Admission is free to the public and all those interested are invited to walk early in the area of ​​Lake Aroneanu. The area will be arranged according to a day spent on green grass with the family.

“Everything will be ready for the audience to enjoy a unique show. The 14 June event will combine two spectacular areas: aviation and the nautical field. Aviation enthusiasts from all over the country, but especially from the Moldovan area, are expected in Iasi, ”said Mr. Cristian ADOMNIŢEI, President of the Iasi County Council.

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