Belarus has blocked the take-off of a Lufthansa plane under the pretext of a "security threat".

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The soap opera with Belarus and the Lukashenko Regime continues today, May 24. Lufthansa confirmed that the Airbus A319 (D-AIBD) aircraft, which was to fly on the Minsk-Frankfurt route, was detained on the ground under the pretext of a "security threat".

Baggage and passengers were checked by security forces, which led to a flight delay of about 2 hours. There were 46 passengers and five crew members on board. In the end, the plane took off at 16:20 to Germany.

Minsk Airport said the action took place following a bomb threat, which was received by email.

The incident comes amid an international scandal over how Belarus hijacked a RYANAIR plane, which operated the Athens-Vilnius flight, and forced him to land in Minsk. Under the pretext of a bomb threat on board, the aircraft was forced to land in Minsk. In reality, the action was aimed at arresting Roman Pratasevic, who laid the foundations of the Nexta channel on the Telegram, thus becoming one of the main sources of news against Alexander Lukashenko. He is hostile to the Belarusian leader and helped coordinate protests.

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