Will Berlin Brandenburg International Airport be opened in October 2020?

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New information has emerged about Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, which was due to open since 2011, but it is not open today. 10 was postponed for security and security reasons.

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is intended to be Berlin's largest airport, with the aim of replacing the current Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schönefeld.

But the misfortune and corruption have caused the new airport to remain closed until today. Initially it had to be inaugurated in 2011, but the reception was delayed at the last moment due to fire safety reasons.

Will Berlin Brandenburg International Airport open to passenger air traffic?


The BER airport terminal was poorly designed and built, and those who checked out Berlin Brandenburg International Airport discovered over 11500 technical problems. There were rumors that the terminal would be demolished and redesigned. But this has not happened.

With sustained efforts by the authorities, it was tried to solve all the problems. And according to the plan, Berlin Brandenburg International Airport should open in October 2020.


According to statements made by Lütke Daldrup, CEO of BER, there is a chance that the new airport in Berlin will be opened next autumn. But there is also a dose of skepticism. The last tests, which took place in July, were carried out normally, but there are still many other verification stages. And still skepticism is about the fire protection system.

The German federal government owns 26% of the airport, and the rest is divided between the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. In the middle there is a lot of money, and the project will be completed.

It is hoped that the new airport will be able to take over the operations of the two existing airports. Initially, Berlin Brandenburg International Airport will be able to accommodate approximately 6 million passengers annually. Following that the operational level will increase to 28 million passengers per year.

What do you think? Will Berlin Brandenburg International Airport be opened?

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