Boeing 747-400 Ed Force One damaged in Chile (photo)

Iron Maiden fans don't worry!

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During yesterday, 12 March 2016, the aircraft Boeing 747-400 "Ed Force One", the one used by Iron Maiden for the 2016 tournament, was damaged. According to the statement on the site of the Iron Maiden, the unfortunate accident occurred at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, Santiago, Chile, during a pushback maneuver.

A problem with the towing system caused the plane to get out of control and hit the tow truck. The collision resulted in: 2 damaged engines, the landing gear, a tug and 2 injured. Fortunately, the 2 technicians will recover completely.

Boeing 747-400 Ed Force One was damaged



The aircraft was to be powered and off to Cordoba, Argentina. Unfortunately, Ed Force One stays with Sandiago for repairs and repairs. According to a report prepared by flight engineers, the 2 engines suffered major damage and their replacement is being considered.




All the while, until the Boeing 747-400 "Ed Force One" is repaired, the band Iron Maiden will look for solutions and will do everything possible to reach the scheduled concerts. Iron Maiden stated on the official website: "Until then, believe me, we will get you all on this tour one way or another wherever you are."

According to the site, Iron Maiden has departed for Cordoba aboard a Boeing 737-200 Aerovias DAP, a company from Chile. Some of the equipment will be transported by plane, and the rest by truck.

Iron Maiden is due to return to the concert in Romania in July 2016. We hope the band will arrive aboard the Boeing 747-400 Ed Force One.

Photo: Iron Maiden

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