Boeing 747 Virgin Orbit operated test flight with LauncherOne rocket (Video)

On November 18, Boeing 747 Virgin Orbit operated the first test with the carrier LauncherOne rocket. This is a test of one hour and 19 minutes, which reached the altitude of 16000 feet.

Virgin Orbit, part of Virgin Group, plans to provide launch services for small satellites. The company was established in 2017 to develop the LauncherOne rocket.

On 18 November, the Boeing 747-400 "Cosmic Girl" (N744VG) operated a test flight, carrying the LauncherOne rocket. It was attached to the left wing by means of a special support.

Test flight with LauncherOne rocket


Program test-boeing-747 virgin-blinded

The plane took off from Victorville, operating a test flight of one hour and 19 minutes. The LauncherOne rocket, 21.4 meters long, will undergo suborbital tests. In 2019, several launches from the Mojave airspace are scheduled.

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