Boeing 787-9 on the first flight (video)

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As we announced a few days ago, Boeing is preparing for the first 787-9 flight. Less than two years after the delivery of the first 787-8, Boeing is proud to introduce the second member of the Dreamliner family.

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Boeing 787-9 is longer than the 787-8 by about 6 meters, having 62.8 m length. 787-9 can carry up to 280 passengers in a configuration with 3 classes. Currently, there are 388 787-9 airplanes ordered, and the first one will go to Air New Zealand, being the launch customer. Among the airlines that ordered 787-9 are: American Airlines, ANA, Etihad and ILFC.

Boeing rescheduled take-off for 10.30 AM PDT. The plane will take off from Snohomish County Airport (Everett, WA) KPAE / PAE and fly to Grant Co Intl (Moses Lake, WA) KMWH / MWH. There will be a flight of about 2 hours, at a maximum altitude of 4570 meters, and the speed will be of maximum 463 Km / h.


Update 18 September: It was a flight of about 5 hours, at a maximum altitude of 6218 meters, and the maximum speed was 463 Km / s. The first Boeing 787-9 is powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines, some of the most powerful in the civil aviation industry. There will be two test aircraft, one will be fitted with General Electric GEnx engines. In the next period, all test aircraft will be subjected to special tests to prove their reliability and endurance. Let's hope that Boeing has fixed the problems encountered at Boeing 787-8.

Boeing 787-9 has taken off!


Boeing 787-9 has landed!


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