Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 British Airways aircraft configurations (video)

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2013 will be an important and lucky year for British Airways. The first Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 aircraft will join the fleet in May and July. It will be the first European company to operate the two models. The first official information about the configurations of the two British Airways aircraft appeared last day.


Boeing 787-8 British aircraft will have 214: 35 seats at Club World in a 2-3-2 configuration, 25 in World Traveler Plus with the same configuration, as well as 154 World Traveler seats in an 3 configuration. -3-3. There will be no First Class because there are no high demands on routes that will be operated with 787-8. The configuration for Boeing 787-9 British aircraft has not yet been completed.


The 12 Airbus A380 aircraft will have 469 seats, in a configuration with 4 classes: 14 at First Class (1-2-1) on the main deck, 55 at World Traveler Plus (2-3-2) on the super deck Club World class will have 53 (2-3-2) of seats on the upper deck and 44 of seats on the main deck (2-4-2), World Traveler will have 199 seats on the main deck (3-4-3) and 104 seats on the upper deck (2-4-2).

  1. Marius says

    LOT is the first European company to operate Boeing 787, with the inaugural flight scheduled to take place these days. As for A380, Lufthansa and Air France, also from Europe, they have been operating for a long time. So British lost the start. Greater attention to detail.

  2. Sorin says

    Marius, I don't think you got the idea! British will be the first company in Europe to have them both in the fleet, unless there are other delays in delivery! :)

    As you said! LOT has 787, but it doesn't have A380. Lufthansa and Air France have A380, but they don't have 787! :)

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