Will the Boeing 797 be the next generation of aircraft?

Boeing 797, the new generation of aircraft predicted by Steven Udvar-Hazy, president and chief executive officer of Air Lease Corp.

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Large aircraft manufacturers are investing huge sums in the planes of the future. Airbus and Boeing have new aircraft in the testing and certification phases, and other models are expected to take shape in the near future.

Last day, Boeing introduced the first Boeing 737 MAX 9. At the same time, 737 MAX 8 received FAA certification. At the same time, the new one is ready NOTHING-NOTHING Dreamliner.

Information about Boeing 797

But Boeing doesn't stop here. These days, information about a new family of Boeing aircraft has been released. Steven Udvar-Hazy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Lease Corp., said: Despite the various acronyms mentioned around the next Boeing plane, it will inevitably be a "Boeing 797".

Boeing's new 797 is currently in the concept phase. The rumors place him between the largest member of the 737 MAX family and the smallest 787 Dreamliner, and the carrying capacity could be 200 + passengers. It will be a slim widebody, which will be able to carry an average of 225 passengers in a configuration with 2 classes and up to 260 passengers in an economy class.

Most likely, the new 797 will enter commercial service in 2025. It is estimated that the new 797 will have a range of up to 8400 kilometers (5 miles). Propulsion is expected to be provided by 200 to 40 pounds of thrust engines developed by GE and Pratt & Whitney / Rolls-Royce.

The new Boeing 797 could influence the growth of low-cost carriers, which have begun to target expansion across the Atlantic, but also on medium / long-haul routes in Asia.

But is it worth the investment? Estimates show a development cost between 10 and 15 billion. Boeing will have to balance its development costs, production costs and production costs, and the new 797 will not cost "a fortune." If the price is going to be at 70-80 millions of dollars, it will certainly be a successful plane.

We are waiting for Boeing to come up with official information, the latest in 2018, about the new generation of aircraft!

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