Boeing is requesting the grounding of 8 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Manufacturing defects were discovered.

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After detecting two manufacturing defects, which could compromise their strength, Boeing asked several airlines (United Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Air Canada) to detain 8 787 Dreamliner aircraft on the ground.

These problems concern the rear of the planes, reports The Air Current. The connection of certain sections of the fuselage could be defective, endangering the structure of the fuselage and not being able to withstand the flight conditions. Abnormal luft may occur between the various joints of the structure behind the aircraft.

Manufacturing defects were discovered.

In addition, the carbon fiber surface of the eight aircraft would not meet the manufacturer's specifications, even if these aircraft were recently manufactured. We remind you that a technical defect of the horizontal stabilizer already delayed the Dreamliner program in June 2010, some time before it came into operation.

Thus, Boeing demanded the withdrawal from the commercial service of these eight planes in order to be "inspected and repaired", a spokesman for the manufacturer told the American media.

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