Boeing set new records for deliveries to 2012

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Boeing, one of the largest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world, did very well in 2012 and even set new delivery records. The American manufacturer delivered 601 aircraft to 2012, being the second best year in history after 1999.

In 2012, Boeing received Net orders for 1203 aircraft, and total orders not paid until the end of last year totaled 4373 planes. Boeing 737 has enjoyed the greatest success and recorded orders for 1124 units. The deliveries didn't hurt either, as Boeing managed to deliver 415 Next Generation 737 aircraft. In 2012, Boeing 737 has reached the 10 000 threshold of ordered units. Lion Air ordered 380 from 737 aircraft, the largest order in Boeing history.

Last year, Boeing continued development programs for widebody aircraft as well. The newest type of aircraft in the portfolio, Boeing 787 enjoyed a presentation tour on 5 continents, and by the end of 2012 49 aircraft were already delivered to 8 air carriers. Unfortunately, 2013 didn't start out so well. 787 has already been involved in several incidents and for several days all aircraft have been grounded. We will return with a detailed analysis of this topic.

The Boeing 777 is starting to gain more ground. 2012 was delivered to 83 by aircraft and other 68 were ordered. At 1000 Boeing 777 arrived at Emirates. Neither Boeing 747-8 is too bad, although it has not registered too many orders. In 2012, Boeing delivered 31 from 747-8i and Freighter units. Lufthansa took possession of the first Boeing 747-8i.

In 2013, Boeing will continue the development programs for 787-10x and 777x. They have already announced that they have increased production on certain models, including on large aircraft.

Below is the table of deliveries and orders:

Family Gross orders Net orders deliveries Non-honored orders
737 1184 1124 415 3074
747 7 1 31 67
767 23 22 26 68
777 75 68 83 365
787 50 -12 46 799
Total 1339 1203 601 4373
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