Boeing is concerned about the safety of the Airbus A321XLR

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Boeing is concerned about the safety of the Airbus A321XLR, but has not expressed concern when 2 737 MAX planes crashed.

This is a kind of hypocrisy, to point the finger at others in the yard, in the context in which you as a manufacturer already have big problems with your planes, and the model you are talking about is still in development. But these are the Americans…

But let's see what the fears are. New A321XLR (eXtra Long Range) is recognized as a revolutionary aircraft and is intended to be a competitor to the Boeing 757. In other words, Airbus is looking to make a long-haul single-aisle aircraft that can fly long distances.

New A321XLR (eXtra Long Range)

Airbus A321XLR is developed on the current A321neo / A321LR platform, and the most important factor in the increased autonomy is the new central fuel tank (RCT). Under these conditions, 12900 liters of kerosene, needed for increased autonomy, could be stored under the feet of passengers.

infographic A321XLR

Obviously, this tank has raised many questions about the safety of passengers, their comfort. In this regard, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency is developing a new set of rules and special conditions directly concerning the Central Fuel Tank (RCT).

Extension from A321neo to A321XLR

These measures are being debated with major players in the aviation industry. Boeing has raised 2 potential issues: protecting the tank in the event of a fire on board and what happens to the tank if there are problems with the landing gear and the plane landing on its belly / sliding on the runway. It is not clear how this tank is protected in such events.

We look forward to Airbus' response to these possible issues and obviously want well-made aircraft for safe flights. We remind you that Airbus is preparing the components for the assembly of the first A321XLR.

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