Brașov International Airport received the IATA code - GHV

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IATA (International Air Transport Association) issued on Friday, May 12, the official airport location code allocation document for Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport

The IATA code of Brașov Airport is GHV

The IATA airport code is used to enter the AIBG destination in airline scheduled flight reservation systems, systems that facilitate the sale of air tickets through platforms and IATA accredited agencies.

“In the request to IATA we mentioned two codes to be checked and allocated based on availability, the first option being BSM. According to the response received, Brașov International Airport received the GHV code. It is a historic moment: we entered the family of airports with an IATA code and we have an IATA identity by assigning the unique code GHV. After obtaining the ICAO code - LRBV, we also obtained the IATA code - GHV, documents that confirm that we meet the international standards of air carriers. We have completed an approach started a few months ago, an important stage in the journey we have to complete until the operationalization of the Airport", said Alexandru Anghel, the general director of the Autonomous Authority "Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport".

"I am glad that we have passed another very important stage in the perspective of the opening of Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport, scheduled for June 15. I would have liked to have the initials of Brașov along with that of Ghimbav - which can be found in the GHV code, but finally it is important that we are officially assigned this code that puts our Airport on the map of IATA airports around the world. From this moment on, air flights from Brașov will be published in the search and reservation systems, with the possibility of purchasing plane tickets through agencies or online", said the president of the Brașov County Council, Adrian-Ioan Veștea.

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