British Airways intends to resume flights with the Airbus A380.

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British Airways' Airbus A380 fleet, which consists of 12 aircraft, will not have the same fate as the aircraft owned by British Airways. Air France, Lufthansa, Qantas, and soon, Etihad. These companies have given up operating flights on the A380, while British Airways has decided to keep the aircraft in service.l operational. But right now, all A380 British Airways planes are on the ground.

It is not expected that flights with the A380 will be resumed earlier than 2023-2024, when passenger traffic is expected to return to pre-COVID figures. This recovery will be largely determined by non-business travel, tourists and those who will visit your family and friends.

It will certainly be a rather difficult decision for British Airways, given that out of a total of 240 A380 aircraft belonging to airlines, only 21 are still in service. Emirates has the most Airbus A380 aircraft in service, 15 in number. The Aryan company currently owns almost half of the world's A380 models, 102 of which are retained on the ground and hopes that by 2022, it will use the A380 fleet to its full capacity.

Will Airbus A380 British Airways receive Business Class Club Suite?

It is not known whether British Airways intends to equip the A380 aircraft with the latest business class, the Club Suite, which would replace the current Club World, which is decades old. The new class has a new, more spacious design that includes sliding doors for privacy. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the update was scheduled for 2023-2025 as the final phase of a multi-billion dollar program.

British Airways pilot routes operated by the A380 included Singapore, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and several North American destinations, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington and Vancouver.

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