British Airways support staff prepare for strike at Heathrow Airport!

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British Airways check-in staff and Heathrow ground crew voted to go on strike, most likely at the start of the summer break. More than 700 Heathrow airport employees, represented by the GMB union, want to go on strike over a 10% pay cut during the pandemic.

Separately, British Airways check-in staff at London Heathrow, a representative of the United Union, also voted for the strike. More than 500 members of the United States voted in favor of the strike.

Unite said the dispute was the result of BA restoring a 10% reduction in salaries made during the pandemic to management, but not restoring payroll rates for check-in staff.

The GMB union must now inform British Airways two weeks before the strike begins, which means it could start in July.

British Airways officials said: "We are extremely disappointed that the unions have chosen this form of protest. Despite the extremely challenging environment and losses of over £ 4 billion, I made a 10% payment offer, which was accepted by most of my colleagues. We are fully committed to working together to find a solution, because in order to regain the trust of our customers and to rebuild our business, we need to work as a team. Of course, we will keep our customers informed of what this means for them as the situation evolves."

Clive Wratten, executive director of the Business Travel Association, commented: "British Airways workers, voting in favor of the strike, are playing with the livelihoods of businessmen, threatening companies across the country and destroying the long-awaited holidays of thousands of Britons. Simply put, travel is worth a lot more. The Business Travel Association requires the airline, unions and employees to serve the interests of its passengers. "

Airline personnel strikes are under the control of the airline. If your flight is delayed or canceled due to this, you probably will the right to compensation according to air passenger laws.

At the same time, the airline affected by the strike, in this case British Airways, in this case, must also redirect passengers on other possible flights, using relations with other carriers, where possible.

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