British Airways has suspended ticket sales on short-haul and European flights from/to London Heathrow

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British Airways, which is struggling to keep up with the resumption of air traffic and comply with regulations made by London Heathrow Airport, has already reduced its flight schedule due to staff shortages and suspended ticket sales until at least August 16 for its flights on short distances to/from London Heathrow Airport.

British Airways had already been operating a reduced flight schedule for several months and had also announced in early July that it would cancel an additional 10.300 flights by the end of October, bringing its summer service cut to 13%.

The labor problems are also disrupting London's Heathrow Airport, which for two months since mid-July limited the number of departing passengers to 100.000 a day, or 4.000 less than expected.

The flights between Heathrow London International Airport and Bucharest Otopeni International Airport are also affected. At the moment, between August 3-15, travelers can no longer book tickets with British Airways for Bucharest - London flights.

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